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Sophie & Matt are Married!

Well, this was a truly lovely wedding to be part of. The nicest of couples, when things were kinda' going a bit pear shaped they just kept on smiling!! Their wedding was on 28th March, election day and a polling booth was to be in the church grounds. Joy. Next they learn there are to be NO photos in the church!!!! I was aghast at the thought but we decided to go with it (I packed my best telezoom so I could shoot from the back). Then, their reception place BURNS DOWN THREE WEEKS before their wedding!!!!!! So most brides would be in a state by this stage but not our beautiful Sophie, she got the rellies on the job and after 37 phone calls they managed to secure Luna Park for their celebration. Finally, the Wedding Gods were on side :) I secretly suspected the day had to be great after all the issues on the way -  they were blessed with a perfect night, harbourside, awash with a gorgeous golden sunset surrounded by their favourite people. Ah, got there in the end! A small snippet of their gallery is below..

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