Nadine and Sam are Married!!!!

It’s been a while since I have pulled out the cameras to shoot a wedding but mannnnn, I am glad I came out of retirement for this one! Two super relaxed love birds, four happy, gorgeous daughters plus an intimate group of delighted friends and family in Sydney on a perfect winter’s day = Photographer’s Dream. Complete with plenty of smiles, tears, hugs, laughter, sunshine, golden sunsets, pink skies and a full moon by the water! PLUS!!! Not a second of stress!!! It was just the most perfect way for this family of six to make it all official and head off into life together as a legally wedded family😍. Naturally, I had a hard time narrowing it down to the 40 odd shots below but herein lies some of my favourites for the genuinely loved-up wedding story of Nadine and Sam. Was nothing but a pleasure to be part of 🙏🏻

Happy TENTH Birthday Little Love Photography!

Ten years ago, on the 20th June 2009 - a VERY cold and rainy winter’s morning - I took a big step out of my comfort zone and did a photo shoot with a family of five that I didn’t know - clients you would call them, my very first ones! I remember the excitement and terror of the experience, I shot like a crazed bandit on my open back deck as the torrential rain bucketed down (!!!) but somehow managed to produce some pretty cute and happy family memories. It’s been an incredible ride since then! A massive labour of love with many highs and, of course, the odd low in there too - wouldn’t be real life otherwise would it? I’ve loved how it has evolved over the years where no two days are the same, where we have fun capturing great memories in beautiful locations, chasing the light and the shot but always loaded with fun. Overall, It’s been a huge privilege and I still get a buzz when people commission me for work. When I think of the next ten years for little love, I do see changes coming but hopefully with equally as many beautiful humans moments.. Stay tuned for more!!

To all my lovely clients for my first decade in business, THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough - hopefully I will see your smiling faces again over the next ten years to come, regardless, I am so very grateful.

Happy Birthday Little Love❤️


Business Photography

Working with businesses has fast become one of my favourite types of shoots. It’s storytelling where each job is unique and interesting, I often call them The Wedding without The Bride. We do all the favourites - head shots, team shots, candids of colleagues at work, details of workplace and products, the warm and fuzzies moments, the real life presentations, the flat lays.. the list goes on! It’s easy, affordable and most say FUN! And then, after all the hard work in front of the camera you will receive a gallery of images that is BESPOKE to you, your team and your business. No more stock photography!!! A gallery you can use in all your business marketing and promotion - on your web, on your socials, in your printed media, wherever you want, whenever you want. Call now to get your story told! More info can be found here:

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EXERCISE TIME!!! (Small Business Photography)

Here is a unique shoot for you! I do a lot of ‘Business Photography’ - working with businesses to create content for their websites, socials, comms, brochures, flags etc. It’s like the wedding without the bride.. everyone looking good, with interesting details to shoot so we can tell a photographic story together. Dr Jo Wood contacted me and invited me to join in a couple of PT sessions (as photographer thankfully!) to shoot her brand story in time to launch her new personal training business ‘ASPIRE2’. It was such a busy, bright and happy shoot that I think it actually makes exercise look fun! Again, we were blessed with golden skies and happy clients. Have a squiz and Jo’s awesome and inspiring story here: Some of my favourite pics are below.

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A Most Magical Shoot

There are many factors that go into the ‘perfect’ shoot. As a photographer, I aim to shoot clients who are well slept (babies), HAPPY and in a good mood :) Ideally, we would set the session up to happen in a gorgeous place with amazing light and ideal weather - so as you can see, most of these factors are out of my control! Argh! But occasionally, I get lucky. This Extended Family shoot below is one such example! Three family members were out from the UK so we had only one evening together, with no room for movement (insert 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 here). If we got rain and wind, well, we would have to make that work. But The Gods blessed us with a warm breeze and golden light, with a gorgeous sunset which broke from the clouds creating the magic you see below… Hallelujah! Loved it. Was so special to shoot this one and was a real privilege to work with this awesome family. Just a tiny selection of my favourite candids are below x

Baby Goodness😍

I was lucky enough to photograph Clara in utero and then again when she was just days old. Nine months later we met up again to capture the sweetest bouncy baby kinda’ photos. Clara is adorable, and was in the perfect, playful mood, which is just what we want for a baby photography session. Add in two very calm, happy and adoring parents and what we got was my kind of shoot :)

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Christmas Photography 101!

This post is really about you capturing some Christmas snaps for your own record. Happy, candid, lifestyle photos with a few details too so you can remember this year from the last, and the next!

The world seems awash with fairy lights in December so they are a must to photograph! Rest your camera/phone on something sturdy, get close enough so the fairy light glow can be captured and slowly depress your shutter to avoid camera shake. Better still, get yourself a tripod. Shoot fairy lights from afar and up close for a really cute sparkly Christmas touch. Definitely turn down your main ceiling lights and capture your tree once all the presents are under it, right before you crawl into bed on Christmas Eve. Take an up-close photo of the food left out for Santa, and any of the cute notes the kids have left for him. Shoot their stockings (but maybe don't get the sack of coal if there is one in your house 😝)!

Once the Big Day has arrived, I grab just a few of the kids with their pjs on and Xmas bed hair  as they tear through all the wrapping paper and race around with their gifts, tends not to be so much racing around with coal take note). Wrap your little ones in tinsel or get them crawling through the wrapping paper! I might take one or two on my phone of Christmas breakfast with most photography saved until all guests have gathered, kids have some food in their tummies, bubbles are poured and general cheer is in the air. General rules apply - all grandpas and newborns must wear Santa hats, take your photos earlier rather than later when Xmas fatigue/mayhem has kicked in, make it fast and fun and then the camera is put away to savour the special day!! It’s most definitely not about ‘picture perfect’ at this time of year but instead it’s about telling the Christmas story of your family, having fun and remembering how lucky we are.

The Value of Family Photos - why we need to take them regularly!

I am a very lucky photographer, especially in that I have several clients who give me the chance to capture their photographic journey as their family grows year after year.

Life moves so fast, what a gift to be able to stop, compare the years of photos and remember life together as a young family and when our babies were so little! To map our families as they grow is priceless. To recall their little nuances, to compare their personalities with siblings at the same age or just so we can coo over how gorgeous they were even though it could feel crazy at the time.

Such fantastic memories to have. Makes me wish I had more of my own!

Here are some of my favourite photographic stories are below..

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Time for cake!

Cake Smash today! It’s gorgeous one year old Addie having her very first taste of cake to celebrate her birthday - ONE! There was so much laughing in this shoot, with Addie cautiously taking her time to get stuck into her amazing birthday cake. She eventually got the idea but seemingly loved icing on her foot as much as she did in her mouth - cute! 😍

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Beautiful Bundle of Baby Mia

Oh for the love of newborns! Here is Mia. The prettiest, sleepiest, bundle of goodness who was so very well behaved for her shoot. Lots of snoozing in a variety of curled up positions! Throw on the most perfect prop (white woolly beanie) and there we have it. Dreamy!

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Golden Goodness😍

We waited a while, months in fact, to do this shoot, with divine little Mia and her parents. Storms got the better of us several times but finally (!) the sun came out in full glory and we had the BEST hour together. Well worth the frustration of rescheduling! Lots of golden goodness included here, it’s a tough job narrowing my favourite family photos from this one 😍

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Welcome gorgeous baby Hannah to the world.. A brand new Australian, to Irish parents! I suspect these pics will be enjoyed across the globe and rightly so, these three make a beautiful family :) 


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Love this one!

This shoot below is the reason I postpone family photos if skies are grey! I love the colours, the light, the golden, swirly warmth not to mention five beauties with great attitude in front of the camera. Feeling some family photo envy! Enjoy :)

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Zoe & Sophie😍😍😍😍

Oh how I love these two! They live in Perth so I don't get to see them very often, in fact, this was the first time I had met baby Sophie! They came to visit at Christmas so, of course, I thrust my camera in front of them and voilà, we had ourselves a little shoot. Some of my favourite happy snaps are below...Introducing, for the first time, my beautiful baby niece Sophie and my beautiful two year old toddler niece, Zoe! 😍😍😍😍

Off he goes!

My baby started school today. We'd all been waiting for this day to come, no one more excited to have five days back than me!! The house was full of emotions this morning, excitement, nerves and intense concentration (see hair shot). I was excited for my little dude but sad as well. It's my maternal make-up - I'm a First Day Blubberer😭😭  Regardless, I managed to snap a little pictorial story through teary eyes of a significant day in our lives.. all kids in school! Go Johnny!

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Somehow another year is almost done and Christmas is here! And every year I think I should do a little christmas shoot of sorts, you know.. embrace the spirit, wrap the kids up in tinsel, shoot some fairy lights and sparkly decorations but I rarely have time to pull it off.  This year, however,  I was lucky enough to get two gorgeous nieces, one of which arrived just in time to be curled up in a wreath of feathers and twinkly fairy lights (photographer's xmas dream).... So Happy Christmas to me!!!  Here she is, my beautiful niece Willow at 17 days young 💗🎄 Happy Christmas Everyone, may it be  calm, bright and extra happy xx


From Bump to Baby Clara!

I got SO lucky when Louisa booked in for some belly and bub photos recently. One of the most natural, at ease, HAPPY couples I've ever worked with. They ooze positivity and I am proud to say fake laughing was kept to a minimum in both shoots! Both Louisa and her husband were so great to work with - throwing seven day Clara into the mix a few weeks later at her newborn shoot made it a dream job. Some of my favourites are here below, was hard to choose so be sure to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to find the sweetest curled up little newborn and her family. Including some very doting grandmothers!

Hello Albert!

A couple of years ago I shot Nina and Lee's wedding, when little Sybil was not quite one. She is now a very proud sister big sister to baby Albert and lucky me, got to return for more Vanneck family photography! Was a really fun shoot, lots of great chat with lots of newborn poo too! Some favourites are here below: