The Value of Family Photos - why we need to take them regularly!

I am a very lucky photographer, especially in that I have several clients who give me the chance to capture their photographic journey as their family grows year after year.

Life moves so fast, what a gift to be able to stop, compare the years of photos and remember life together as a young family and when our babies were so little! To map our families as they grow is priceless. To recall their little nuances, to compare their personalities with siblings at the same age or just so we can coo over how gorgeous they were even though it could feel crazy at the time.

Such fantastic memories to have. Makes me wish I had more of my own!

Here are some of my favourite photographic stories are below..

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Time for cake!

Cake Smash today! It’s gorgeous one year old Addie having her very first taste of cake to celebrate her birthday - ONE! There was so much laughing in this shoot, with Addie cautiously taking her time to get stuck into her amazing birthday cake. She eventually got the idea but seemingly loved icing on her foot as much as she did in her mouth - cute! 😍

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Beautiful Bundle of Baby Mia

Oh for the love of newborns! Here is Mia. The prettiest, sleepiest, bundle of goodness who was so very well behaved for her shoot. Lots of snoozing in a variety of curled up positions! Throw on the most perfect prop (white woolly beanie) and there we have it. Dreamy!

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Golden Goodness😍

We waited a while, months in fact, to do this shoot, with divine little Mia and her parents. Storms got the better of us several times but finally (!) the sun came out in full glory and we had the BEST hour together. Well worth the frustration of rescheduling! Lots of golden goodness included here, it’s a tough job narrowing my favourite family photos from this one 😍

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Welcome gorgeous baby Hannah to the world.. A brand new Australian, to Irish parents! I suspect these pics will be enjoyed across the globe and rightly so, these three make a beautiful family :) 


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Love this one!

This shoot below is the reason I postpone family photos if skies are grey! I love the colours, the light, the golden, swirly warmth not to mention five beauties with great attitude in front of the camera. Feeling some family photo envy! Enjoy :)

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Zoe & Sophie😍😍😍😍

Oh how I love these two! They live in Perth so I don't get to see them very often, in fact, this was the first time I had met baby Sophie! They came to visit at Christmas so, of course, I thrust my camera in front of them and voilà, we had ourselves a little shoot. Some of my favourite happy snaps are below...Introducing, for the first time, my beautiful baby niece Sophie and my beautiful two year old toddler niece, Zoe! 😍😍😍😍

Off he goes!

My baby started school today. We'd all been waiting for this day to come, no one more excited to have five days back than me!! The house was full of emotions this morning, excitement, nerves and intense concentration (see hair shot). I was excited for my little dude but sad as well. It's my maternal make-up - I'm a First Day Blubberer😭😭  Regardless, I managed to snap a little pictorial story through teary eyes of a significant day in our lives.. all kids in school! Go Johnny!

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Somehow another year is almost done and Christmas is here! And every year I think I should do a little christmas shoot of sorts, you know.. embrace the spirit, wrap the kids up in tinsel, shoot some fairy lights and sparkly decorations but I rarely have time to pull it off.  This year, however,  I was lucky enough to get two gorgeous nieces, one of which arrived just in time to be curled up in a wreath of feathers and twinkly fairy lights (photographer's xmas dream).... So Happy Christmas to me!!!  Here she is, my beautiful niece Willow at 17 days young 💗🎄 Happy Christmas Everyone, may it be  calm, bright and extra happy xx


From Bump to Baby Clara!

I got SO lucky when Louisa booked in for some belly and bub photos recently. One of the most natural, at ease, HAPPY couples I've ever worked with. They ooze positivity and I am proud to say fake laughing was kept to a minimum in both shoots! Both Louisa and her husband were so great to work with - throwing seven day Clara into the mix a few weeks later at her newborn shoot made it a dream job. Some of my favourites are here below, was hard to choose so be sure to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to find the sweetest curled up little newborn and her family. Including some very doting grandmothers!

Hello Albert!

A couple of years ago I shot Nina and Lee's wedding, when little Sybil was not quite one. She is now a very proud sister big sister to baby Albert and lucky me, got to return for more Vanneck family photography! Was a really fun shoot, lots of great chat with lots of newborn poo too! Some favourites are here below:  

Baby inbound!

 Super Cute Belly shoot on the blog today! Hunter is going to be a big brother very soon so I was lucky enough to meet up with him and his parents for some fun, playful photos at the beach. Hunter is only 20 months old, a notoriously tricky age for photography, but he excelled! Delightful, happy and full of smiles for the hour we had together, here's hoping he can keep it up for Round 2 (newborn shoot) with his new bestie in a few weeks time!! A few of my favourite family photos are here :) 

dads! (happy father's day)

Often, when I am commissioned to work with a family, it is the Mum that has made the booking and, primarily, is the motivating force behind creating some special family memories. When I walk in and say hi to everyone, the Dads are often a little stand offish, not sure what to expect or what I’m going to “make them do” (I swear nothing freaky!)!!  Occasionally, It can take them the first part of the shoot to warm up but I have to say little fireworks go off in my head when Dad embraces the fun and gets involved. These ALWAYS make the best pics, and without fail, Mum is watching from the sidelines with a big, joyous smile on her face. 

So to mark Father’s Day this year, I’m sharing a mix of photos, some tender Dad moments and some fun ones. Because Dad hanging out with his kids is the best, no matter what. And not just because Mum can go have a drink of something nice and a little lie down 😜 

Have a great day Dads!

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Alice and samuel are married! #sydneywedding

It has been a lifetime since I shared anything so thought I would make a come back with a wedding! This was such a great job to shoot. Firstly, it was a perfect July day in Sydney (winter is the best time for weddings seriously) topped off with the most golden sunset. From the pics you can see we had a gorgeous couple - on top of that they were so humble and kind  and enthusiastic and loved up😍😍 The church had festoons, the bridal party had a picnic and I think I have found the happiest and most expressive Mother of The Groom ever!! Many highlights below..

The curious incident of mums missing from photos!

In Australia, this Sunday is Mother's Day. School and kindy are asking for photos of mums for presentations and slideshows. It took me ages to find one that I feature in and even then it only had two of my three kids in it - oooopsie. I almost reused the photo from 2016 which proved to me that, despite all the cameras and lenses in the house, I suffer from the same predicament as most mums. We don't feature!!!

 A rare feature, I'm actually in a pic - Left out one of the kiddies tho! Basic rules from below apply here - plain backdrop, nice light and a little hug :)

A rare feature, I'm actually in a pic - Left out one of the kiddies tho! Basic rules from below apply here - plain backdrop, nice light and a little hug :)

Somehow, it's always the mums taking the photos. I regularly receive emails saying this. I got one yesterday - " The photos you take for us will be a nice way to ensure we are all included in the photos too.  I don’t like photos of myself much, and to be honest most of the photos we have I have taken so I am not in them.  I’d like some nice memories that Sophia can have to look back on too". This mum has got it in one. 

i think Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to change this! This year, if you are lucky enough to see your mum, then pull out a camera/phone and start snapping. If you are a mum, hand the camera to your dad, brother, by-stander and get in that photo!! Don't sweat it if you are feeling tired, unphotogenic or not wearing your Sunday Best. Here are my tips to increase your chances of taking a keeper:

1. Find an uncluttered location/background that is well lit!

 Swirly Golden light is always fantastic to shoot in!

Swirly Golden light is always fantastic to shoot in!

2. Gather in around your Mum/kids, use your arms to pull in everyone closely! You are family after all. 

3.Heads in close, don't squish each other but definitely eliminate gaps between heads (this creates warm and fuzzies)

4. Angle your heads towards the light to eliminate shadows (this will also help to lighten dark tired bags under mum's eyes). 

5. Hold camera in a slightly elevated position so chins are up and eyes/eye sockets are light-filled :)

6. Call for happy faces! Get someone to tell a joke, or do a laughing competition! We all forget the awkwardness of faking it once you get the shot!

7. if this fails, give your Mum/wife a Little Love Photography gift voucher for their birthday/xmas or next Mother's Day and we can capture the smiles, joy and memories for you. Shoots are fun! Trust me!

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photos for Instagram!

Did you know that Instagram delivers 29 per cent more engagement than Facebook and a massive 60 per cent more than Twitter? With an audience of 500 million active users, ranging from teens and millennials to professionals, families, and even seniors, if you’re not using Instagram to promote and grow your small business, you’re missing out!

If you are anything like me, you’re flat out working around the clock on running your business. The idea of dedicating time and energy every day to produce new and engaging content is just unrealistic.

Many small business owners share these concerns that’s why hiring a professional photographer to take fun, Insta-worthy pictures for you is the way to go. Don’t worry, Little Love Photography is to the rescue! In fact, a single 1-2 hour shoot with Little Love can give you over 40 relevant, brand-specific images that can be used to create up to a year’s worth of original content. Add in a few memes and head shots and you are sorted! How simple and easy is that!

5 Benefits of Professional Photography for Instagram

If you’re not already convinced that investing in a professional Instagram shoot will provide your small business with a tonne of value, then have a read of these five exciting benefits of professional photography for Instagram.

1. Professional Photography Saves Time

And saved time is saved money! We’ve already touched on this benefit, but it’s one of the main reasons busy business owners opt for a professional photographer. Imagine getting months of content created in under a couple of hours!

2. Feature Professional Quality Photography on Your Instagram

Not everyone has the eye, skills, or equipment to take a great professional photo. And grainy, blurry, poorly composed images may give potential customers a bad impression. When you hire a professional, you know your photos are going to look first class and represent your business in a fun yet sophisticated way.

Not only that, but when you hire a professional photographer for an Instagram-specific shoot, the photos will be composed with Instagram’s restrictions in mind. Although Instagram no longer crops all photos into a square, this ratio tends to look better on the app. 

3. Brand-Specific Images

Many businesses that don’t hire a professional photographer end up posting generic photos on their Instagram accounts. And what good is that?

Your Instagram should promote your business’s specific services and products. It should reflect your brand’s unique values. I am sure your Instagram followers would much prefer to see you and your team candidly at work rather than a boring stock photo. Or your actual work space or store location, rather than an all-purpose building or office environment.

4. You Have Creative Control

A professional Instagram photo shoot is a great opportunity for those of you with creative minds to execute your visions. Without the required skills and equipment, our ideas don’t always turn out the way we imagined. A professional can bring their expertise to the table. Together, you can create a series of photographs your Instagram following will love.

5. Professional Instagram Photos will Help You Stand Out from the crowd AND Your Competitors

Picture this: a potential customer is searching online for a specific product. A few businesses come up, so they decide to check out their social media accounts to get a better feel of their personalities.

Most of the businesses post to Instagram once a week, some even less. Some images are pixelated, others are totally generic, and a few are clearly ripped off other accounts. But one business posts stunning, brand-specific images regularly. The customer is thrilled to see the product in action and is comforted by all the positive feedback in the comments section. They decide to buy.

You want your business to stand out. If you go the extra mile on Instagram, you’re bound to win out against your competitors. So, if you’re ready to fuel your business’s Instagram feed with quality photos and content then give me a call today. I’d be more than happy to chat with you about your business’s unique needs. Let's tell a great story together! 

the sun comes out!!

Sounds like it's news worthy of a headline with the rainy March Sydney has had so far! Lucky for these guys, we had blue sky and golden sunshine under a gorgeous, green willow tree for their family shoot. Lucky for me, the happy expressions were non-stop during these photos.. It's not often I work with babies that are so transfixed on the camera that they smile constantly.. was very cute and funny :)  Big brother was the same - not a whinge, complaint, tear or tantrum to be heard for the hour we were together.  Have a look below for  some very happy family pics!! 

How to store your Summer holiday photos!

If you are living in Sydney at the moment you would have noticed (after two weeks of rain!) that Summer has definitely left us and Autumn has moved on in. Apart from mourning those lazy, warm days and golden sunsets it's a good time to do something with all those summer holiday snaps you took while everyone was off work and school! So, how do you make sure you can keep your precious family photos forever?


Don’t trust your smartphone!

These days, most of us take and store our photos on our smartphones. They’re so convenient; you’ve got a camera with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to miss a single moment! But as with all technology, disaster can strike...

I was recently talking to a client who had taken loads of photos of the arrival of her newborn baby on her smartphone, only to drop it in her neighbour’s swimming pool over summer. All photos gone!!! DISASTER!!! (Lucky for her, her Little Love newborn photos were safe and sound:)) Obviously, memories like baby photos are some of the most precious any of us can have. They are something that we’d definitely want to keep forever. That’s why it’s vital to have more than one option when it comes to saving your favourite photos.


Cloud storage

Cloud storage is one of the most popular and convenient ways to back up your smartphone and preserve your summer holiday pictures. They make it easy to share information between your smartphone and your computer, as you can generally download from cloud storage onto a variety of different devices. This enables you to save your photos in several different places quickly and easily. Here are a few of the most popular cloud storage options:


Dropbox is probably the most versatile cloud storage option as it works with most operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Blackberry. The free Basic account will give you 2GB of storage. You can easily add to this, however; Dropbox gives you extra free storage for simple tasks such as turning on the Camera Upload feature (3GB) or getting your friends to sign up to Dropbox (500MB for each friend you sign up).

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a good option if you don’t have much storage space left on some of your devices. It lets you choose which files you want to store on each device. This means you don’t have to duplicate, but you can still save all your photos! A basic account will give you 5GB of storage free and it’s really easy to use. It works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Google Drive

You probably already have a Google Drive account. You get one automatically if you have a Gmail or YouTube account. It give you 15GB of free storage, and you can upload your photos from an iOS or Android phone by using Google +.


iCloud only works with iPhones, but you can still sync your files across a number of devices by using iCloud Drive, which is compatible with Windows PCs. You get 5GB of storage free.

Cloud storage is a great option as it is an easy way of saving your photos to other devices, allowing you to free up space on your smartphone to take more pictures! It also has the advantage of allowing you to share your photos with friends and family without having to put them on social media, so you can choose who gets to see the pictures of you and your family.

Saving them to your computer

Backing up your phone to your computer regularly is a great idea as your photos will be stored on both devices. In addition, just to be extra sure you won’t lose anything, you can add an external hard drive to your PC, or Time Machine if you use a Mac. Backing up regularly to these devices will give you an extra layer of protection – it’s highly unlikely your smartphone, computer and external backup will all fail at the same time. 

Email your photos to yourself!

Many of us don’t think of emailing our photos and videos to ourselves, but it’s actually a quick and effective way of making sure your photos are stored in more than one place (or if you aren't always convinced other forms of back up are 100% reliable). To be absolutely sure I have more than one copy of my favourites I simply email them to myself (ie my desktop) from my phone. Opening the attachments on your computer or tablet will allow you to save them there.

And don’t forget, for the ultimate peace of mind, you can also print your photos out! Create a beautiful space in your home for a few frames so your precious holiday photos can be on display and keep you warm all year long!