A wee story about My Friend Clare

Once upon a time there was a lovely Scottish girl called Clare. Clare worked as a scientist. She lived in a big city far, far away called London. One day a girl called Cris, also then a scientist, came to work with Clare as she too lived in this big city. They worked long hours and many days on end as their boss liked them to enjoy their weekends at work too!  He was a very special Doctor who, luckily, didn't mind if they had many, many cups of tea together whilst they worked 12 day fortnights for years and years! This made them (and the other lovely girls in the lab :)) friends for life so when Cris went home to Sydney and Clare left to go home to Glasgow they still remained very good friends. One day Clare got married, then had a beautiful bonny baby called Max! They got on a big plane and came to visit Cris many, many kilometres away where they happened upon beautiful Curl Curl beach at sunset! Lucky Cris had her camera there too as she made them smile and do all sorts of silly things (which Cris thought was sufficient payback for years of damp dusting incubators that Clare had made Cris endure in London). This is called Photographer's Revenge! Together they took some lovely photos of this beautiful family before Clare, Kenny and Max got back on that big plane and left Cris feeling sad her friends had gone (but excited about meeting up again in April!)

And that's the end of the storyyyyyy..

Source: http://littlelovephotography.com.au/tcls094qbjsdlsuk3xph6ox2k0h8jn