Given I'm in the middle of a frenetic wedding season (and it's been a while since any family pics have featured on the blog) I'd love to share this recent family shoot. Mum Justine had booked in months ago but we had had to reschedule, due to sick children initially. We then made a few other attempts to meet up but grey Sydney skies meant I called them en route to chat about changing dates. I didn't want them to have flat, grey pics! I wanted golden, swirly back lighting for their little love photos! Thankfully Justine and Jonathon were on board with my idea and we held off again. Fourth time lucky we managed to do a really fun shoot in the most gorgeous light, with all four of my lovely subjects being in great moods with happy, cooperative attitudes to top off these perfect conditions. So glad the Golden Light Gods came to the party too :) Some of my favs are here..