Tyne & Stewy

In my previous life as a scientist I used to work with Tyne. I always remember her  as the sweetest girl, always smiling with a sparkle in her eye so I was a little bit excited when she asked if I would be free to do her wedding pics. Then she mentioned the Big Day was to be held at Summerlees. SUMMERLEES!!!!!!I'd been hoping to shoot there for years and have to say I was now more than a little bit excited at the prospect of an Autumn garden wedding on this amazing property. Quaint buildings, beautiful gardens, amazing old trees, delightful little nooks and crannies where ever you turn make it photographer's heaven - throw in a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom, some soft dappled light followed by a golden sunset and I thought I had died and gone there :) A small pictorial story is below!

Source: http://littlelovephotography.com.au/tcls094qbjsdlsuk3xph6ox2k0h8jn