All we want for Christmas

Little Love has a close affiliation with a local family and charity, that of San Filippo Children's Foundation. Our friends, Meg and Al, have two gorgeous kids, both of whom have this terminal illness. It's a tragedy beyond words for any family so we like to hang out and help whenever we can.

A while back we did a really fun xmas shoot with Isla, Jude, their new helper dog Remy and Gemmi The Giraffe. It was part of the campaign to help them raise $90,000 before Christmas to help fund more research to help cure this shocking disease. We are working hard to get these kids as many Christmases as possible and would love your support! If you would like to help a terminally-ill Aussie child this Christmas then please go to:

For all the presents under your tree this year make sure there is a big one marked 'charity', it'll be the one that makes you feel the best :)  Hope you enjoy these pics  -