Meeting Ollie

I had such a great day last Friday. Mum Claire (gorgeous clients from the very early days) had contacted me a while back to say baby #3 was on the way and did I think I might be able to shoot the occasion of him meeting his big sisters instead of a 'traditional' newborn shoot. Just twenty minutes of raw photography, no posing, no direction just true candids as this very special meeting took place. Of course I loved the sound of this and lucky for me, the timing of Oliver Thomas' arrival was perfect and I was able to be there in the hospital room to capture it. His older sisters were smitten, his parents thrilled, besotted and relieved - it was the most special shoot to be part of and one I'll always remember. (As a result I'm adding 'Meeting Baby' sessions to the list, would love to do this every week!) Welcome Beautiful Ollie.