Little Love, Country Style!

A fun adventure for a gorgeous family and one lucky Northern Beaches Photographer (me!)   

Most of the photography I do is based in and around Sydney and the Northern Beaches, which is why I was excited to have the opportunity to pull on my wellies and head up the freeway for a family photography shoot in the country.

 Richard, Rebecca and their three kids are city slickers like me. We had chatted about doing a family shoot in Sydney, but when Rebecca mentioned her family farm it really piqued my interest. I love any opportunity to shoot somewhere different or even just away from home so when I heard about the homestead in Paterson I figured it would be worth packing my bags for a weekend adventure.

 And what a good call! Old farming equipment, overgrown gardens, gates and trees that were just perfect for climbing … this rural property was photography heaven!

After a few hours on the freeway we met at the property to be welcomed not only by beautiful clear skies but also 50km per hour winds! Noooooo! Kids and wind don’t always mix but given we had all travelled so far, we decided to press on. Lucky for us, we got ourselves a gorgeous amber sunset washing our pics in golden light.

 Taking photos of little ones can be challenging even when it is not windy so lucky I was working with super-cute Charlie, Chloe and Sam who were full of excitable energy. With Mum and Dad’s help I was able to get some sparkly eyed portraits as well as pics of them climbing on fences and hanging out on the farm together. After ticking off family candids (with a few slightly posed shots of the family together) we even managed to bring together dog Poppy and grandparents Chris and Julia for group shot on the verandah of their beautiful home.

Was a busy afternoon! With no better way to end it than with a celebratory wine and beer for the grown ups, straight from the grandparent's picnic basket. Happiness all round :)

There story in photos is told here: