Why Your Business Needs Professional Photos for Instagram!

Did you know that Instagram delivers 29 per cent more engagement than Facebook and a massive 60 per cent more than Twitter? With an audience of 500 million active users, ranging from teens and millennials to professionals, families, and even seniors, if you’re not using Instagram to promote and grow your small business, you’re missing out!

If you are anything like me, you’re flat out working around the clock on running your business. The idea of dedicating time and energy every day to produce new and engaging content is just unrealistic.

Many small business owners share these concerns that’s why hiring a professional photographer to take fun, Insta-worthy pictures for you is the way to go. Don’t worry, Little Love Photography is to the rescue! In fact, a single 1-2 hour shoot with Little Love can give you over 40 relevant, brand-specific images that can be used to create up to a year’s worth of original content. Add in a few memes and head shots and you are sorted! How simple and easy is that!

5 Benefits of Professional Photography for Instagram

If you’re not already convinced that investing in a professional Instagram shoot will provide your small business with a tonne of value, then have a read of these five exciting benefits of professional photography for Instagram.

1. Professional Photography Saves Time

And saved time is saved money! We’ve already touched on this benefit, but it’s one of the main reasons busy business owners opt for a professional photographer. Imagine getting months of content created in under a couple of hours!

2. Feature Professional Quality Photography on Your Instagram

Not everyone has the eye, skills, or equipment to take a great professional photo. And grainy, blurry, poorly composed images may give potential customers a bad impression. When you hire a professional, you know your photos are going to look first class and represent your business in a fun yet sophisticated way.

Not only that, but when you hire a professional photographer for an Instagram-specific shoot, the photos will be composed with Instagram’s restrictions in mind. Although Instagram no longer crops all photos into a square, this ratio tends to look better on the app. 

3. Brand-Specific Images

Many businesses that don’t hire a professional photographer end up posting generic photos on their Instagram accounts. And what good is that?

Your Instagram should promote your business’s specific services and products. It should reflect your brand’s unique values. I am sure your Instagram followers would much prefer to see you and your team candidly at work rather than a boring stock photo. Or your actual work space or store location, rather than an all-purpose building or office environment.

4. You Have Creative Control

A professional Instagram photo shoot is a great opportunity for those of you with creative minds to execute your visions. Without the required skills and equipment, our ideas don’t always turn out the way we imagined. A professional can bring their expertise to the table. Together, you can create a series of photographs your Instagram following will love.

5. Professional Instagram Photos will Help You Stand Out from the crowd AND Your Competitors

Picture this: a potential customer is searching online for a specific product. A few businesses come up, so they decide to check out their social media accounts to get a better feel of their personalities.

Most of the businesses post to Instagram once a week, some even less. Some images are pixelated, others are totally generic, and a few are clearly ripped off other accounts. But one business posts stunning, brand-specific images regularly. The customer is thrilled to see the product in action and is comforted by all the positive feedback in the comments section. They decide to buy.

You want your business to stand out. If you go the extra mile on Instagram, you’re bound to win out against your competitors. So, if you’re ready to fuel your business’s Instagram feed with quality photos and content then give me a call today. I’d be more than happy to chat with you about your business’s unique needs. Let's tell a great story together!