Big Up James {Engagement Photography Sydney}

 It had been a while since I had got myself a bit of CPD so I decided to invest in a weekend away with James Day at his  Love2day workshop (get there now photographers!!! you will not look back!!, James Day the awesome aussie photographer - so talented, so kind and so, so humble I could sit and listen to him talk all day. Which is lucky, 'cos that's pretty much what I did both Saturday and Sunday just gone. Saturday we got to 13 hours straight of wedding photography chat! No lies! THIRTEEN hours. Sunday wasn't far off that either.

Was time for an injection of all things business, photography & industry. We talked, we dissected, we shot, we critiqued, we hung out and basically tried to absorb every word The Guy said (capitals for James). He was an open book, could not give us enough of his time, energy or wisdom. If we asked a question he answered it. James even arranged for a very special guest to surprise us (Jonathan Canlas!) On top of this, the loveliest couples came to model for us - we dragged them out to find the light, trekked them into national parks, bushwalked them through treacherous terrain at night, they shivered in the cold coastal winds and waited patiently in the dark so we could have our photographic way with them (huge thanks Kyle & Rebecca, Isaac & Samantha, Allison & Luke, Ali & Carl, Courtney & Josh) . For two of them it was an evening they will never forget. Posing morphed into proposing.. Boyfriend Isaac dropped down on one knee to girlfriend Samantha in front of 13 of us photographers and popped the question. She gave him a big Yes! I dare say a few pics were taken of the moment -the ultimate photo here by James... (Special mention Jessica Di Donato. (, Oh Fleur ( and (ingrid stockley) - for gorgeous make-up, hair and flowers).

Anyways, in short it was a very significant time for biglovephotography. So much to do now! The biggest thanks to James (clearly), his wife Catherine for brilliant hosting and yummy yummy food and to my new photography buddies who all helped to make it a HUGE weekend away. Wish I could do it all again! Some fun pics from all our experimentation and learning  below..