Head Shot Time!

I am often asked if I can take a quick corporate headshot for websites, LinkedIn or general print use so have decided to do a corporate 'mini shoot' day. Sat August 24th or Sat 7th Sept 2013 in modern lifestyle offices on the Northern Beaches. Quick, easy and gorgeous!! You receive high res and low res images with personal copyright for unlimited use. Email me for more info and get corporate good looking now!!! info@littlelovephotography.com.au



Just a tiny bit excited about being part of the AddOn Festival this year, the precursor to the HeadOn photography exhibition which opened in Sydney this weekend. Get your photography fix here!



I'm going to keep this one shorter and sweeter than normal. The most perfect light, an awesome location, gorgeous, calm, happy family with the cutest little one year old thrown in at the centre of it all. All done in record time with some looooovely pics to add to the family album. Well done Michelle, Andrew and baby Talan!

Some of favorites are below...

Annie & Ollie

Showing off some beach candids this afternoon. These guys were awesome fun to photograph - gorgeous kids, perfectly behaved and all round lots of fun. Even at the ungodly hour of dawn. Urgh!

Was well worth it, lots of lovely golden light with which to capture all the action. Loving Annie's swimsuit model shot - a natural at the ripe old age of 5!

Well done Fi & Sinclair. Was great to finally meet you again!

Levi & Jack

Today's bloggityblog shows off two cuties, Levi & Jack, at their recent dawn shoot. Both were very obliging in being thrown in the air, licked by their dog, running in the waves.. it was all going on that morning! Gave us a very bright and happy collection of pics with a real Australian feel to them. Nice to share with all the Kiwi & South African rellies. Some of my favs are here..

Naomi's Boys

I know I say this regularly but (!) these guys really are a favourite fam of littlelove's. Lovely, happy, handsome, kids of beautiful nature... they always make for a great shoot. Add in that Mum Naomi and I have just had our third bubs, and that she loves photography as much as I do, our shoots always involve a lot of chit and a lot of chat (taking full responsibility!). We make great white noise for sleeping newborns together!

Below is their most recent shoot, shortly after their third baby boy had arrived. Jamie was a delight. Just like his big brothers. Love these guys!


Christmas has come early!!!

Looks like Santa has paid littlelove a visit and delivered us some gorgeous pressies! Press printed, lay flat albums- they are B E A U T I F U L and the perfect way to show case your pics and preserve your memories forever and ever.

Email us for more details!

Dan & Hayley Get Married!!

So back in 1982 I got myself a little brother, the last of six kids in our family. Initally, Dan was pretty cute until he graduated to pretty annoying, then just plain really annoying, about 10+ years later. Eventually, he normalised a little which was nice for us all especially when he decided he was grown up enough to leave home and move to the other side of the country. And boy aren't we glad he did that! He found himself a lovely girl called Hayley which we are all very happy about.

Fifteen months ago Dan proposed and Hayley said yes. It was on. One part of me wanted to go to his wedding as a guest, drink champagne on my Dad/Hayley's Dad (!) and enjoy the day without working but then the urge to photograph a stunning bride in a gorgeous location and to boss Dan around for the entire day without chatback was just too strong. A whole FIVE hours past since he had announced their engagement before I got on the phone and enquired as to how much longer he was going to wait before asking me to do his wedding photos. 'Yeah, Ok' was the reply. Looks like I'd locked in my first Margaret River wedding!

A very large 'snippet' of that day is below. So glad I was a bossy big sister cos I think we managed to tell a really happy story of a really happy day of when Dan got himself a wife. Lucky Boy Otniel, Lucky Boy.


It's always so nice to do a newborn shoot following a belly session. Clients are like friends by then and I love to meet the bump as a brand new curled up newborn. Renae, Matt and Elliot were no exception. Renae had been outstanding during her belly shoot (http://littlelovephotography.com/blog/belly/) so I was hoping her newborn would inherit her  photogenic & beautiful genes. He did not disappoint! Elliot is gorgeous, not to mention compliant and happy! He gave us some big eyes, then some closed eyes, was happy being held or posed, wrapped or nudie. All round champion in the Newborn Photography Stakes! Mum and Dad clearly excelled as well. A few favourites below..

Thomas & Josie

A sweet little blog post today of Thomas and his brand new baby sister Josephine. It was a hot morning, close to sleep time but you wouldn't know it.  Thomas did an outstanding job, working hard  before passing out for a nice, long sleep. Josie managed a nap on the job, very much to our advantage! A sterling job by all. My faves below..

Eliana's Big Day

Was an honour and a pleasure to capture Eliana's Christening recently. One of my favourite families invited me along to capture all the action on their behalf,  'twas busy but fun with Eliana beyond adorable and perfectly behaved the entire day. Next blog will feature more of these guys (Eliana's big brother in action at his second birthday party celebration).

But for now, it's holiday time for me. Woooohoooo! Will be back in a couple of weeks....

In The Woods

Another supercute family on the blog today! This time it's Raffa & Mia who came to play. We started early (of course) and decided to head out to the nearby woodlands which came up a treat! So nice to shoot somewhere new, and to have such cuties in front of my camera only made it all that bit sweeter.

Some of my favourites are here below..



  Very happy to share in some more bump photos today, especially with Mum looking so good in her perfect red dress!

We had Grandma-To-The-Bump join us for this shoot which made for some lovely mother-daughter pics too. And now we wait for bub's turn... watch this space, ain't long now!!


Little Boys


Loved this shoot.

Two gorgeous boys and one VERY, VERY creative mum with a box full of great props - as if I didn't want to stay all day! We did some serious styling but also managed some very happy snaps au naturelle, some of my favourites are below...

One Beautiful Belly

Always love doing Naomi's shoots. Her boys are gorgeous, her nature is calm, lovely & happy and right now, her belly is beautiful!

Soon their little baby will be here. Watch this space for more..

Amelia Rose

A wee angel on the blog today, beautiful Amelia Rose. She arrived early (at just 29 weeks) but has done amazingly well to grow so big and strong since her birth in June.

These pics were taken around her due date, at home, where she has made herself very welcome! Adored by many already, Amelia was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Well done Mum and Dad for fattening her up so well!! x

Guess How Much I Love Youuuuuuuu (latest theme song at our place)

This little blog posts marks the end of my maternity leave from photography so what better way to mark the 'occassion' than to pop up some pics of our little boy blue. Some of my favourites from what surely was the world's longest newborn shoot are below. No doubt there will be a million more photos of him to come but for now it's onto Beautiful Brides ~ Wedding season is here wooooohoooooo!!!





So, a while back, I had the pleasure of doing a Belly shoot at the beach (http://littlelovephotography.com/blog/caitlyn-bump/). A few weeks later, Bubs was here in the form of a very cute, curled up, little bundle of boy called Ryan. Some of my favourites from his newborn shoot are below.. Warmest congrats to Jenn, Mark & Caitlin. He is lovely xx

Lachie, Will & Georgie

  Another update of the (extended) family album today. This time it's Lachie, Will and my super gorgeous Goddaughter Georgie.

Special thanks to Uncle Tim who played The Fool so well to get some big smiles for me. He's a natural ha!