Dan & Hayley Get Married!!

So back in 1982 I got myself a little brother, the last of six kids in our family. Initally, Dan was pretty cute until he graduated to pretty annoying, then just plain really annoying, about 10+ years later. Eventually, he normalised a little which was nice for us all especially when he decided he was grown up enough to leave home and move to the other side of the country. And boy aren't we glad he did that! He found himself a lovely girl called Hayley which we are all very happy about.

Fifteen months ago Dan proposed and Hayley said yes. It was on. One part of me wanted to go to his wedding as a guest, drink champagne on my Dad/Hayley's Dad (!) and enjoy the day without working but then the urge to photograph a stunning bride in a gorgeous location and to boss Dan around for the entire day without chatback was just too strong. A whole FIVE hours past since he had announced their engagement before I got on the phone and enquired as to how much longer he was going to wait before asking me to do his wedding photos. 'Yeah, Ok' was the reply. Looks like I'd locked in my first Margaret River wedding!

A very large 'snippet' of that day is below. So glad I was a bossy big sister cos I think we managed to tell a really happy story of a really happy day of when Dan got himself a wife. Lucky Boy Otniel, Lucky Boy.