Juju & Oscar

So my little girl turned four today which meant it was party time last weekend. Somehow, not sure how,  I managed to dodge another Sparkly-Rainbow-Fairy-Mermaid-Ballerina-Princess party. Being a January baby we were going to have a Beach Theme which meant I finally  got to hire a Kombi all for me, I mean, my daughter's enjoyment. I tracked down Oscar (http://www.northernbeacheskombihire.com/- Nicky is great!!) and he RSVP'd to the party with a big YES! He is the ultimate 40 year old restored Kombi, minty blue and perfect.. and he loved having all the kids buckled in for a bit of a local joyride. Pics below are just happy snaps of a bit of family fun and the very exciting day that we all met Oscar.