Liam & Isla


So this post below represents one of the last dawn shoots for the season. One part of me is just a little bit HHHAPPPPPPPYYYYY (who really wants to meet at the beach at dawn in winter?!?), but another part of me will miss the golden sunrises we can play with, the soft light and of course, the happy kids with bright, sparkly eyes loving having a play outdoors before the day has really begun.

I met Liam and his parents a couple of years ago and the main thing I recall from that shoot were his ridiculously blue eyes. I'm talking BRIGHT, shiny, luminescent, blue. He's not the only one with eyes like that now.. enter his lovely, little sister Isla. These guys were just so easy. Delightful in mood, cooperative in attitude and up for a bit of fun so all in all we've managed a nice little gallery of pics. Again, Jenni, Paul, Liam & Isla its been a pleasure!