Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids!


This year I was determined not to be beaten by the usual cold and rainy weather that always seems to wash out my daughter’s birthday parties. So we decided to embrace it and go with a watery theme – and because it involved a 4 year old Miss it had to be pretty and sparkly too of course!

Mermaids it was.  This party would incorporate three of my favourite things.. my little girls, photography and making my husband sweat (he was nominated by Yours Truly as the Party Pirate- described as his ‘worst nightmare’) ha! This was going to be fun!!!

Lots of prep and decorations (all printable decorations by The Very Lovely and Supercreative Li-Ann from Ham&Pea Paperie & Design) created a Mermaid Cave fit for 20 little mermaids and pirates to party, play, eat and drink in until there was no more treasure in the chest or cake on the plate. Just one tired Mummy Mermaid at the end of it! The price you pay for living through your four year old I guess.. !

Music this week is Octopus' Garden by Rockabye Baby!