My Little Distraction

So it's been pretty quiet here on the blog over the last two weeks... all due to our new arrival pictured below! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!   Our little boy is here and we are all VERY excited about it (albeit a little bit sleepy). So I am totally distracted by this lovely little distraction. And despite being on maternity leave now (for a couple of months anyway) I think I've broken a record for number of photos taken of one newborn within his first ten days of life. Hmmm, as if that wasn't going  to happen. Thank you to all clients for being SO understanding over the last few months (especially all those beautiful brides who helped their big fat wedding photographer up off the ground on their wedding day!) Still have a few lovely families to show off on here so be sure to pop back soon and have a look!! Ps: Spring is pretty much booked up but if you are keen to have some summer fun in front of the camera pls feel free to contact us anytime!