Newborn Loveliness

Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get with a newborn shoot. Baby wee, poo and vomit are a given, granted, but apart from that you hope for calm parents and a nice, little, SLEEPY, curled-up newborn.  I didn't realise how lucky we were going to be with this one. A big tick beside all parameters above but I was lucky enough that newborn Sophie was (is) also just so gorgeous - with the loveliest eyelashes, lips not to mention one serious hair-do! Mum put in a great effort despite some serious fatigue; and Dad, he was quite possibly the most enthusiastic father I've had in the studio, between the two of us, we could have taken pics all day. In fact, it was he who suggested we try that pose (see first pic) and I'm soooooo glad he did. Well done Dad, Mum and beautiful Sophie x