Park, Cafe and Gingerbread Men!

  Sami & Lulu were at the centre of this shoot ~ two lovely kids with beautiful, big, brown eyes and big, happy smiles. We had a quick shoot (was a soccer morning) but still managed to hang out at their favourite park and cafe. Yep, a shoot at their local cafe. Cooool! Have to say I was particularly excited about this ~ not only for my post-shoot coffee~ as it is always nice to do something different/cute/fun/quirky. These guys head to Bertoni's on a daily basis so it felt extra special to capture this 'scene' as a way of recording a little tradition in Sami & Lulu's young lives. And as if a gingerbread man isn't going to make cute shots!

Well done to all of you. Full gallery heading your way very sooooooooon x