Sal & Damo's Big Day!

Finally, we present... Sally and Damian's wedding day.


Be warned: it's a big blog but given it was BIG celebration it kinda seems fitting. These two were recently married in Sydney but as it seemed that most of their guests had boarded a flight (primarily from Perth or London) it didn't feel right to skimp on the party pics. After all, that's what these guys know how to do really well. Our beautiful Sal was marrying our very endearing, not to mention handsome, Damo, one of the biggest Club promoters in Europe (world??). If anyone knows how to party, it's these two. Their day kicked off at 1pm with a very special ceremony in the grand Cardinal Cerrutti Chapel in Manly before quickly hoping over to (the haunted? see ghost pic!) Q station for a very large celebration that started at 2pm ending with a boat party the next day. No wonder there is some serious guest enthusiasm throughout the night! It was beautiful, it was impressive, but above all seemed to be a whole lotta' fun.

Warmest Congrats Mr and Mrs Gelle!