Nadine and Sam are Married!!!!

It’s been a while since I have pulled out the cameras to shoot a wedding but mannnnn, I am glad I came out of retirement for this one! Two super relaxed love birds, four happy, gorgeous daughters plus an intimate group of delighted friends and family in Sydney on a perfect winter’s day = Photographer’s Dream. Complete with plenty of smiles, tears, hugs, laughter, sunshine, golden sunsets, pink skies and a full moon by the water! PLUS!!! Not a second of stress!!! It was just the most perfect way for this family of six to make it all official and head off into life together as a legally wedded family😍. Naturally, I had a hard time narrowing it down to the 40 odd shots below but herein lies some of my favourites for the genuinely loved-up wedding story of Nadine and Sam. Was nothing but a pleasure to be part of 🙏🏻