Ok so we all know these guys are one of my all time favourite families. I know I say that regularly; I do seem to have a lot of favourite families after all. But seriously. Three gorgeous little girls, all polite, all happy, chatty and cooperative. And I am yet to start on their photogenicity! Smiling straight down the barrel of the lens with a big smile or a killer look (from a four year old!). Mum who says Wherever, Whenever! A six am start was NO trouble AT ALL ~ even I tried to bump it back after suggesting it thinking that was pretty darn early. And then there is Dad who just smiles and chats through the whole thing like we are at a Saturday arvo BBQ with drinks in hand! I am so spoilt by these guys. Toss in the perfect light from a golden dawn, some woodlands, balloons and tutus and I know we are pulling off some sweet little memories. Textbook shoot. Loved it loved it loved it.