The Olivia Act {family photography sydney}

Back in December 2012, in wake of the school massacre in Newtown, 'The Olivia Act' was instigated by an American photographer. Olivia's family had just had family photos taken a short time before she was killed in the shooting, at the age of just 5. These photos were now absolutely priceless to her family. Photographers globally were urged to partake in donating a shoot and all photos to a family that would not ordinarily commission such work. To a family in need where the photos would be both an uplifting and fun experience but also become such treasured memories. Of course littlelove was on board.

Introducing Stephanie's family. They were selected randomly from many awful and very, very sad stories of everyday families suffering in many heart wrenching ways. Steph and her family have had a really, really hard run with the health of two of her family members featured in this shoot. You wouldn't know it from the looks of them however as they were such a  lovely, happy, brave bunch and I felt so lucky to be able to join in the fun and capture some pics for them. The next day Steph emailed me the loveliest of messages part of which, I believe, sums up the value and true meaning of photography..

"These photos are going to mean so much to us, so much more than some beautiful photos. We had a great day and these photos are about keeping our memories alive.  They are more than words can say".

I mean, pass me a tissue someone!!!

Some of my favourites are below..