Trashing The Dress!!!

So recently I met this bride, Quinn. Beautiful, photogenic and so unbelievably enthusiastic I knew she was going to shine in her pics. Her wedding day was unreal, we worked hard but got some cool pics ( Then four days later, barely recovered from the wedding myself, I was awoken with a text from this particular bride wondering if we could now 'trash her dress'. Far more common in The States, I am yet to have a bride who wanted to get out there, and well, trash her beautiful bridal gown! No surprises!

So it looked like we were on again. We studied locations, monitored the weather and then changed all plans with a last minute forecast update which showed heavy rain likely to last for what seemed like forever. Quinn and Jon raced home from work, threw on their wedding gear and sped down to our special spot where we found a big, ominous, dark cloud looming. Furious photography followed, I was in the water, they were in the water, then we were very nearly all soaked through by the storm that came across our little beach (see lightning bolt in last photo!!).

Have to say it was totally worth it.  Well Done Quinn and Jon. You've done it again!