Baby Will

A little snippet into the shoot of Baby Will, my cousin's beautiful bub. Adored by many already!!

Well done Georgie & Fil, you make gorgeous babies!


Oh how I love this girl! She is one of my top three two year olds. She just gets more gorgeous each time I see her which, sadly, isn't very often as she is living overseas at the moment- boo hoo for me.

Introducing my clearly very gorgeous little niece, Heidi Fleur, at 2 and a half x   xx

Some Little Lovelies

Just a quick blog of some little lovelies that I know quite well.

The 'off-season' is always a good time to do the rellies pics so this time it was Newborn Mac, Ted and Mae who were under my spotlight. All did so well, Mac just the perfect curled up newbie with big brother and sister giving me just what I needed to snap a very happy (not to mention cute) pic of each of them. Outstanding effort if you consider we had about ten minutes and it was almost dinner time on a fresh Sunday evening ~ normally a guaranteed recipe for  photographic disaster..

Lots more of my other favourite nieces & nephews coming over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Sailor turns ONE!


A favourite family of ours kindly invited us to capture their little girl's first birthday recently - and what a gorgeous affair it was. Amazing paperie by our friends at Ham & Pea ( made for a visual treat with gorgeous little Sailor at the centre of it all. And despite June's rain keeping us inside it turned out to be a very bright and happy celebration for Sailor and her lovely family. Some of my fav party pics are below!

My Little Distraction

So it's been pretty quiet here on the blog over the last two weeks... all due to our new arrival pictured below! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!   Our little boy is here and we are all VERY excited about it (albeit a little bit sleepy). So I am totally distracted by this lovely little distraction. And despite being on maternity leave now (for a couple of months anyway) I think I've broken a record for number of photos taken of one newborn within his first ten days of life. Hmmm, as if that wasn't going  to happen. Thank you to all clients for being SO understanding over the last few months (especially all those beautiful brides who helped their big fat wedding photographer up off the ground on their wedding day!) Still have a few lovely families to show off on here so be sure to pop back soon and have a look!! Ps: Spring is pretty much booked up but if you are keen to have some summer fun in front of the camera pls feel free to contact us anytime!

Caitlyn & Bump

It's been a few years since I have photographed Caitlyn and her family. She was a natural then and certainly still knows how to work the camera! It was time to update the family album and capture them together at the beach in the last few weeks of being a family of three... a new bub is due in a matter of weeks so a few belly shots were also in order -including a very funny one of Caitlyn showing us her tummy. Superb job you guys! Let's hope we can do it all again in a matter of weeks when three is now four!!! 

beach angels

This week's blog tells the story of a morning in Bondi with Elise, Tilly, Mum and Dad. It was fresh, damp and windy but you wouldn't know it with these four.. More big blue eyes, bright smiles and great attitudes turned our slightly wintery shoot into a warm and happy session together (Mum and Dad being British always helps in these conditions I have to say - No whingeing POMs here that's for sure!).  Well done to you all for a sterling performance, can't wait to meet up again one day soon x

Liam & Isla


So this post below represents one of the last dawn shoots for the season. One part of me is just a little bit HHHAPPPPPPPYYYYY (who really wants to meet at the beach at dawn in winter?!?), but another part of me will miss the golden sunrises we can play with, the soft light and of course, the happy kids with bright, sparkly eyes loving having a play outdoors before the day has really begun.

I met Liam and his parents a couple of years ago and the main thing I recall from that shoot were his ridiculously blue eyes. I'm talking BRIGHT, shiny, luminescent, blue. He's not the only one with eyes like that now.. enter his lovely, little sister Isla. These guys were just so easy. Delightful in mood, cooperative in attitude and up for a bit of fun so all in all we've managed a nice little gallery of pics. Again, Jenni, Paul, Liam & Isla its been a pleasure!

A little bundle of pink in a sea of blue

  Presenting beautiful, little (pink!) newborn Eliana!

We met her as a bump a couple of months ago ( and recently had the privilege of meeting her again on The Outside, at just five days old. Peaceful newborn pics evolved into very busy family photos as Eliana has three older brothers of whom she seems sleepily unaware... 'Twas a very busy shoot but we got there in the end. Well done to all the boys in the family, baby Eliana and Mum who made it all happen in the first place. Congratulations on your gorgeous little baby girl, Dani & Steven, she is just lovely xx

Park, Cafe and Gingerbread Men!

  Sami & Lulu were at the centre of this shoot ~ two lovely kids with beautiful, big, brown eyes and big, happy smiles. We had a quick shoot (was a soccer morning) but still managed to hang out at their favourite park and cafe. Yep, a shoot at their local cafe. Cooool! Have to say I was particularly excited about this ~ not only for my post-shoot coffee~ as it is always nice to do something different/cute/fun/quirky. These guys head to Bertoni's on a daily basis so it felt extra special to capture this 'scene' as a way of recording a little tradition in Sami & Lulu's young lives. And as if a gingerbread man isn't going to make cute shots!

Well done to all of you. Full gallery heading your way very sooooooooon x

A Golden Sunrise

Some friday cuteness for the blog! Another family littlelove has been lucky enough to capture before, when they were just a family of three. Leah has now joined the family and I have to say rivals big sister Georgia on the Sparkly Eye front. Beautiful girls with very co-operative, tolerant, all-round lovely parents who managed to get to the beach for a glorious sunrise. Well worth it when you see the golden light we got! Great job all, full gallery not far off..

Amie & Tilly hit the beach!

Another favourite past family of littlelove's to post on the blog tonight. I met these guys a couple of years ago when Tilly was just 7 weeks, she is now a supercute little two year old. Big sister Amelie is still as gorgeous as ever. We went for a beach shoot, dawn start - naturally - on a strangely foggy April morning. Priceless conditions it turned out, these guys really had pick of the day this season.. If only we always had this beautiful, soft, diffused light every shoot! I had some serious Family Photo Envy, especially of the sweet reflection pics. Who doesn't love a reflection after all?!! To make it even better, Amie and Tilly were so well behaved and were up for all sorts of different games and tricks (see Kamikaze throwing of oneself, fairy style, off rocks below).  I had a feeling we might get a nice little album of photos for Mum and Dad, some of my favourites are below...



Simone & Nathan's Big Day

It is with much pleasure that I present Simone & Nathan's wedding day! Our bride oozed gorgeousness in every way especially when on the arm of her very handsome new hub. These guys made light work of being the centre of attention as bride and groom making it a great wedding to end the season on. I hope you enjoy the snippet below of their special day. Congrats you two!! x

Katrina & John get married!

Presenting.. a snippet of the lovely Katrina and john’s wedding !

These guys tied the knot in Sydney recently and big love was lucky enough to capture it. The main focus for these two were friends and family so no shots of hanging wedding dresses this time (boo hoo). I was warned by the bride herself  that she wasn’t all that keen on having her photo taken which I can’t understand for a minute given how gorgeous, elegant and photogenic she was on the day!! Think we managed to capture some lovely pics , congrats to you two on a great celebration.

Beanie Season!

I was lucky enough to meet up with Georgia and Eliza (aka Cookie) at Shelley Beach recently on what was our first really fresh morning of the year. Teeth were chattering but mine turned into a big smile once Mum pulled out the pom-pom beanies. So we were off to a supercute start! Things warmed up as we mucked around together, getting amongst the sand and rocks, with the traditional  piggy back race to finish the shoot coming off well! A gorgeous family, I always love meeting up with these guys. Password to full gallery moments off..!

Little Edward

I was very excited about doing these pics. Edward's mum and I are good friends so I knew it was going to be a charmed shoot with a gorgeous family and a good chinwag on the side. Got both!

Baby Edward was an obvious star whose big blue eyes seem to be very interested in my camera which is always a huge bonus. And then, drumroll please, he had nice, bright, purple beetroot for breakfast! Edward did a top job at feeding himself which I thought was a great success as we managed some priceless pics that are so typical of this age group. A nice warm bath lead to some cute cuddles with Mum and Dad, and a sweet little family potrait to boot. Well done all! xx

Sophie & Emma!

Sophie & Emma were very little when I last met them two years ago. They are now bigger and even cuter, if that is possible?! We had a really fun morning together with lots of bright, smiley pics but I surprised myself with the number of happy candids that came up ok! 'Specially love the 'sleeping' shot by the tree with Sophie laughing her head off. A really lovely collection all in all, full gallery coming soooooon...

Kate & Dave are Married. Woooopeeeee!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of capturing Kate and Dave's wedding day.

Everything about their day seemed to unfold so calmly and with such grace. Kate was all class, and with her brand new husband on her arm my job suddenly became very easy ( there was no shortage of canoodling with these two

..) And despite only having about 25 minutes for our Mr & Mrs photography, I dare say that is probably all we needed given the beautiful setting we were in ( and the amazing sunset we got that night!

Congrats to you both, what a fantastic celebration of love!




Tic Tac II

About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family when they were eagerly awaiting The Original Tic Tac's arrival. Tic Tac (aka Justin) is now about to be a big brother himself with his Mum due with their next bub today, 18 months later. Eeeeek! Our first belly shoot together was at the beach so this time we went green which worked a treat for all the boys (read tree-climbers) in the family. Mum Dani glowed through her belly pics, no doubt she will look just as radiant when we capture Tic Tac II as a newborn, any day now... GOOD LUCK Dani!!!!!







Three little girls

Meet the Robinson Family. Blessed with three gorgeous girls, I was lucky enough to spend a morning hanging out with them in their lovely home. It was a pretty simple assignment really, lots of lifestyle pics just capturing Millie being 3, Grace as an 18 month old and little Annie as a newborn. Occasionally, Mum & Dad jumped in to feature so we had lots to work with in creating their gallery of photos. Clearly, the girls didn't have to work too hard in front of the camera to be supercute so it turned out to be a really fun morning, for me anyway!