The First Look

Thought it might be nice to share a First Look today! This is when the Bride and Groom meet each other, on their own, right before their wedding ceremony giving us the chance to do their couple photos in good light. It also means, once married, they can start their party straight away! A snippet of Dan and Carol's exciting, nerve-wracking and beautiful First Look is attached here. Pop your volume up and enjoy!


Jaella and Scott are Married!

Another really gorgeous, albeit slighty windy, winter wedding to share today! Jaella and Scott were fantastic to work with, so relaxed and so happy - like their family and friends. Made for easy work really! Set at Dunbar House in Sydney, I'll never forget the moment Jaella appeared at the 'end of the aisle' - sudden loud and enthusiastic applause broke out from the congregation as this amazing beauty stepped forward out of the door way. This should become a tradition for all weddings! Hope you enjoy my photo synopsis below :)


This was such a calm, fun, smooth-sailing newborn shoot! Newborn Florence was gorgeous and perfectly behaved and her English parents so lovely to hang out with. I love it when we manage some lifestyle shots to mix in with the stylised piccies - also love when Mum has a beanie to match my blanket :) I have chosen a few of my favourites to share with Florence's family in the UK - enjoy!

Heidi and Lottie

Earlier this year I had a very quick trip to Europe and managed to do a long overdue shoot while I was there. These two little girls are my nieces who live in London (boooo hoooo) so to visit them was very special, more so because I hadn't even met Lottie before! Of course, the camera came out on a daily basis.. If I find a spare sec I will share some of the non-shoot pics but to start are the ones we did on my last day in London, early one Spring morning, under a random tree in a nearby park. Didn't care about any of that though I was just thanking the Sun Gods for choosing that morning to appear.. It was fast paced and slightly crazy but we did manage some supercute photos of my favourite Aussie Londoners. Enjoy!

Little Newborn Taya

Was such a lovely shoot this one. Big sibs were delightful to work with and gorgeous newborn Taya gave me the best of both worlds with some awake time before drifting off into a deep sleep right on cue. Dad was away so it was Mum and I for the rest of the shoot, felt like I was hanging out with an old friend :) All four excelled! Some highlights below..


Emma & Steve are Married!!

This was such a lovely wedding to be part of. Not just because Sydney put on a perfect Autumn day but because the gorgeous Emma and Steve demonstrated such a profound love for each other, their two sons and their family and friends who shared in their celebration. We started with a heartfelt waterside ceremony followed by a lunch time reception of great emotion and fantastic speeches. Plus some rockin' dance floor action before they all moved on to the perfect little wine bar in Glebe for the after party :) Some of my favourite pics that tell the story of their happy day are below.


Tyne & Stewy

In my previous life as a scientist I used to work with Tyne. I always remember her  as the sweetest girl, always smiling with a sparkle in her eye so I was a little bit excited when she asked if I would be free to do her wedding pics. Then she mentioned the Big Day was to be held at Summerlees. SUMMERLEES!!!!!!I'd been hoping to shoot there for years and have to say I was now more than a little bit excited at the prospect of an Autumn garden wedding on this amazing property. Quaint buildings, beautiful gardens, amazing old trees, delightful little nooks and crannies where ever you turn make it photographer's heaven - throw in a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom, some soft dappled light followed by a golden sunset and I thought I had died and gone there :) A small pictorial story is below!


Riley & Mila

One of the loveliest family met me at the beach recently so we could take some happy pics together. It took us a while to meet up (over six months!) with weather and Rod (Dad) travelling for work but we got the most perfect evening eventually. Swirly golden light, delightful kids with super relaxed and friendly Mum and Dad made for my kind of shoot :) Some stand outs below..


Ilona & Simon

I was lucky enough to capture the very special ceremony of Ilona and Simon recently. I've known Simon for years and years and years so it was all very exciting to see him finally marry the beautiful Ilona :)  Set at Watson's Bay, under the fig tree by Dunbar House, these two exchanged vows in front of family and friends including one special guest, their gorgeous baby girl Spencer. A sneak into this very happy occasion is below..


Glamp My Camp!

Every now and then I'm lucky enough to do a product or stylised shoot for a business which always makes a nice change.. I don't have to blow raspberries at anyone, wipe up baby vomit or tickle cranky toddlers :) I just have to get the beautiful details, capture the colours and create a feel for the brand. This time it was for Glamp My Camp - a fab business that caters for those who like to camp with beautiful, practical, clever and stylish accessories. You can see more of their wares here ( but be warned these images may convert the even the hard core hotel-lovers amongst us to dust off the tent and head for the nearest camp ground..



It's actually been a couple of months since I last shot a newborn (weddings took over for a while there) so was extra excited about this shoot with brand new baby Eden. He was perfect, his parents were perfect and was an all round lovely way to get back into it newborns for 2015! A snippet of their collection is here..



Given I'm in the middle of a frenetic wedding season (and it's been a while since any family pics have featured on the blog) I'd love to share this recent family shoot. Mum Justine had booked in months ago but we had had to reschedule, due to sick children initially. We then made a few other attempts to meet up but grey Sydney skies meant I called them en route to chat about changing dates. I didn't want them to have flat, grey pics! I wanted golden, swirly back lighting for their little love photos! Thankfully Justine and Jonathon were on board with my idea and we held off again. Fourth time lucky we managed to do a really fun shoot in the most gorgeous light, with all four of my lovely subjects being in great moods with happy, cooperative attitudes to top off these perfect conditions. So glad the Golden Light Gods came to the party too :) Some of my favs are here..


Nina & Lee are Married!!

Saturday 3rd Jan 2015 and the big day was here…Nina & Lee were getting married! Our Australian Bride  and English Groom had met in London and six months later were engaged! Following the diamond ring came baby Sybil so it was the three of them (plus the very special, century-old, Swedish family crown and veil) that made their way out to Sydney for a very special wedding. Nina and Lee were married, Sybil was christened and lots of old friends and family from home and away celebrated with a harbour cruise and party! A few pics from their special day are below..

Hope for Isla & Jude

As I hope you are all aware, San Filippo Children's Foundation, based in our 'hood of  Sydney is Little Love's chosen charity. Whenever we can we try to help raise awareness, spread the word, donate and photograph these guys in hope of beating the clock on the ticking bomb that is the fatal childhood illness of San Filippo. This time round it meant hanging out at home with Meg, Al, Isla, Jude, Aunty Ingrid and the very lovely Sebastien Izambard of Il Divo fame. A real proper international celebrity just mucking around in Meg and Al's backyard on a lazy Sunday arvo. Surely one of the nicest, most polite, easy going, down to earth dudes in the music industry, he has made it his personal goal to do some serious fund and awareness raising for Isla & Jude, and the Foundation. He rallied together many Australian artists to help out and together re-recorded a Kate Bush song "This Woman's Work". All proceeds (apart from itunes cut of course) go towards stopping this disastrous disease in it's tracks. It only costs $2.19 - two little bucks!!! - for a lifetime of listening pleasure and hopefully will raise enough funds to make the much needed science available for Isla & Jude, and all sufferers, and maybe - just maybe - stop this killer. Here's a couple of piccies from our Sunday arvo together, one of which made it to Woman's Day wooooooooooooooooo!

Click here to read more AND BUY THE SONG! BEST $2 you will spend this year!

A wee story about My Friend Clare

Once upon a time there was a lovely Scottish girl called Clare. Clare worked as a scientist. She lived in a big city far, far away called London. One day a girl called Cris, also then a scientist, came to work with Clare as she too lived in this big city. They worked long hours and many days on end as their boss liked them to enjoy their weekends at work too!  He was a very special Doctor who, luckily, didn't mind if they had many, many cups of tea together whilst they worked 12 day fortnights for years and years! This made them (and the other lovely girls in the lab :)) friends for life so when Cris went home to Sydney and Clare left to go home to Glasgow they still remained very good friends. One day Clare got married, then had a beautiful bonny baby called Max! They got on a big plane and came to visit Cris many, many kilometres away where they happened upon beautiful Curl Curl beach at sunset! Lucky Cris had her camera there too as she made them smile and do all sorts of silly things (which Cris thought was sufficient payback for years of damp dusting incubators that Clare had made Cris endure in London). This is called Photographer's Revenge! Together they took some lovely photos of this beautiful family before Clare, Kenny and Max got back on that big plane and left Cris feeling sad her friends had gone (but excited about meeting up again in April!)

And that's the end of the storyyyyyy..


Kerryn & Nick Tie The Knot!

I was so lucky as a photographer this September just gone. Beautiful weddings between beautiful people, but what stood out was how LOVELY all their family and friends were. Genuine joy was at each wedding I captured, huge excitement and love between everyone invited to join in. Kerryn & Nick were no exception. Originally, they are both from Melbourne but had moved to Sydney for work a few years back. Sydney is now considered home for themselves and their gorgeous little 2 year old boy. They love their new city so much they decided to marry here meaning every one of their 110+ guests at the wedding had traveled, in the very least from Victoria. Almost the perfect excuse to enforce a getaway (including massive party) on all loved ones. It proved a huge success! Sydney put on the most glorious Spring day, they chose the most perfect destination in the Bible Gardens at Palm Beach followed by one 'ell of a party at Moby Dicks overlooking Whale Beach. It was one of those weddings where I secretly wished I'd been a guest :) Some of my favs are below..


Al & Al

Introducing Al & Al. Alison and Alandre. Two gentle kindred spirits who met online and married in September on a glorious spring day in their home suburb of Freshwater in Sydney. Was an absolute honour to be part of this celebration! A taste of their intimate day is below..



Sydney in winter and the annual call went out from my Mum - 'Do you want any lemons? We've got so many lemons. Take some lemons!!!' After several failed lemon delicious puddings I thought I'd have a go of doing something more useful with the offer. I had a cute wheelbarrow and a  pretty cute two year old boy at my disposal so that sounded like an obvious shoot to me! The result is below - my Johnny and Nannie's lemons..