How to store your Summer holiday photos!

If you are living in Sydney at the moment you would have noticed (after two weeks of rain!) that Summer has definitely left us and Autumn has moved on in. Apart from mourning those lazy, warm days and golden sunsets it's a good time to do something with all those summer holiday snaps you took while everyone was off work and school! So, how do you make sure you can keep your precious family photos forever?


Don’t trust your smartphone!

These days, most of us take and store our photos on our smartphones. They’re so convenient; you’ve got a camera with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to miss a single moment! But as with all technology, disaster can strike...

I was recently talking to a client who had taken loads of photos of the arrival of her newborn baby on her smartphone, only to drop it in her neighbour’s swimming pool over summer. All photos gone!!! DISASTER!!! (Lucky for her, her Little Love newborn photos were safe and sound:)) Obviously, memories like baby photos are some of the most precious any of us can have. They are something that we’d definitely want to keep forever. That’s why it’s vital to have more than one option when it comes to saving your favourite photos.


Cloud storage

Cloud storage is one of the most popular and convenient ways to back up your smartphone and preserve your summer holiday pictures. They make it easy to share information between your smartphone and your computer, as you can generally download from cloud storage onto a variety of different devices. This enables you to save your photos in several different places quickly and easily. Here are a few of the most popular cloud storage options:


Dropbox is probably the most versatile cloud storage option as it works with most operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Blackberry. The free Basic account will give you 2GB of storage. You can easily add to this, however; Dropbox gives you extra free storage for simple tasks such as turning on the Camera Upload feature (3GB) or getting your friends to sign up to Dropbox (500MB for each friend you sign up).

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a good option if you don’t have much storage space left on some of your devices. It lets you choose which files you want to store on each device. This means you don’t have to duplicate, but you can still save all your photos! A basic account will give you 5GB of storage free and it’s really easy to use. It works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Google Drive

You probably already have a Google Drive account. You get one automatically if you have a Gmail or YouTube account. It give you 15GB of free storage, and you can upload your photos from an iOS or Android phone by using Google +.


iCloud only works with iPhones, but you can still sync your files across a number of devices by using iCloud Drive, which is compatible with Windows PCs. You get 5GB of storage free.

Cloud storage is a great option as it is an easy way of saving your photos to other devices, allowing you to free up space on your smartphone to take more pictures! It also has the advantage of allowing you to share your photos with friends and family without having to put them on social media, so you can choose who gets to see the pictures of you and your family.

Saving them to your computer

Backing up your phone to your computer regularly is a great idea as your photos will be stored on both devices. In addition, just to be extra sure you won’t lose anything, you can add an external hard drive to your PC, or Time Machine if you use a Mac. Backing up regularly to these devices will give you an extra layer of protection – it’s highly unlikely your smartphone, computer and external backup will all fail at the same time. 

Email your photos to yourself!

Many of us don’t think of emailing our photos and videos to ourselves, but it’s actually a quick and effective way of making sure your photos are stored in more than one place (or if you aren't always convinced other forms of back up are 100% reliable). To be absolutely sure I have more than one copy of my favourites I simply email them to myself (ie my desktop) from my phone. Opening the attachments on your computer or tablet will allow you to save them there.

And don’t forget, for the ultimate peace of mind, you can also print your photos out! Create a beautiful space in your home for a few frames so your precious holiday photos can be on display and keep you warm all year long!



All we want for Christmas

Little Love has a close affiliation with a local family and charity, that of San Filippo Children's Foundation. Our friends, Meg and Al, have two gorgeous kids, both of whom have this terminal illness. It's a tragedy beyond words for any family so we like to hang out and help whenever we can.

A while back we did a really fun xmas shoot with Isla, Jude, their new helper dog Remy and Gemmi The Giraffe. It was part of the campaign to help them raise $90,000 before Christmas to help fund more research to help cure this shocking disease. We are working hard to get these kids as many Christmases as possible and would love your support! If you would like to help a terminally-ill Aussie child this Christmas then please go to:

For all the presents under your tree this year make sure there is a big one marked 'charity', it'll be the one that makes you feel the best :)  Hope you enjoy these pics  -

Christmas Sparkle!

I love working at my children's school and kindy, lots of familiar faces to hang out with and normally a bit of a free license to do something fun :) This time it was the final fundraiser for our local kindergarten so we had a super busy day shooting dozens of families with lots of Christmas sparkle! Can't believe its almost here again!!!


Elise & Mila go to The Beach!

I met Mum Mel this year at a party and I have to say she is one of my better finds this year! She's a clever girl and we have ended up doing a bit of work together which has been fun and refreshing I have to say. Just recently, I got to work with her family who were delightful, gorgeous,  and easy - was just like hanging out with friends at the beach really!  Think we got some great pics while we were there.. :)


I know I regularly say this but I really, genuinely, loved this shoot. Delightful parents, divine newborn and a truly beautiful space to shoot in (Mum Carmel seriously knows her interiors).. what's not to love about that right?! I think it was a combination of these factors that has given us a slight mix in style - we got our typical curled-up, sleeping newborn poses but no backdrop/studio set up to be seen. I'm liking this a lot! Audrey was much happier asleep in her very special family blanket so that's what we went with and in the end we captured lots of  'real life' newborn pics all of which show Audrey off as the newborn dream that she is, dimple and all :).

Little Love, Country Style!

A fun adventure for a gorgeous family and one lucky Northern Beaches Photographer (me!)   

Most of the photography I do is based in and around Sydney and the Northern Beaches, which is why I was excited to have the opportunity to pull on my wellies and head up the freeway for a family photography shoot in the country.

 Richard, Rebecca and their three kids are city slickers like me. We had chatted about doing a family shoot in Sydney, but when Rebecca mentioned her family farm it really piqued my interest. I love any opportunity to shoot somewhere different or even just away from home so when I heard about the homestead in Paterson I figured it would be worth packing my bags for a weekend adventure.

 And what a good call! Old farming equipment, overgrown gardens, gates and trees that were just perfect for climbing … this rural property was photography heaven!

After a few hours on the freeway we met at the property to be welcomed not only by beautiful clear skies but also 50km per hour winds! Noooooo! Kids and wind don’t always mix but given we had all travelled so far, we decided to press on. Lucky for us, we got ourselves a gorgeous amber sunset washing our pics in golden light.

 Taking photos of little ones can be challenging even when it is not windy so lucky I was working with super-cute Charlie, Chloe and Sam who were full of excitable energy. With Mum and Dad’s help I was able to get some sparkly eyed portraits as well as pics of them climbing on fences and hanging out on the farm together. After ticking off family candids (with a few slightly posed shots of the family together) we even managed to bring together dog Poppy and grandparents Chris and Julia for group shot on the verandah of their beautiful home.

Was a busy afternoon! With no better way to end it than with a celebratory wine and beer for the grown ups, straight from the grandparent's picnic basket. Happiness all round :)

There story in photos is told here: 

Divine Miss Aila

I had a hunch as soon as Arianne and Kane walked into our studio with newborn Aila that I was in for a photographic treat. These guys were super relaxed and genuinely so happy in their new roles as parents that it made our time together an absolute pleasure (Arianne and Kane had also recently had their wedding photos taken by one of my most admired photographers  -Dan O'Day- so I knew we were on the same page in a photography sense which always helps :)).

Once asleep, Aila curled up beautifully, Mum and Dad were warm, fun and loving, not to mention ridiculously photogenic, all of which is evident in some of my favourite ever newborn photos which I'm unashamedly showing off here below!! Hope you enjoy x

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Levi and Xander!

Just noticed it's been a while since I posted anything (ooops) so this one is going to be a thorough blogging to make up for it. Also it's way too hard to cull my favourites from this shoot.. Newborn Levi had arrived safely just days before and, along with big brother Xander, they came along to my new Sunroom Studio for some piccies! These two boys were so easy to work with, Levi slept like an angel, Xander smiled and laughed at all my jokes (at last!) and Mum and Dad were just relaxed and down right lovely not too mention absolutely so photogenic :)  Dream job really! 

The Happiest Shoot

I've been lucky enough to shoot Claire and Austen's family a few times over the years, most recently when big sisters Amie and Tilly met Newborn Ollie in hospital (see blog here These pics are from when Ollie was three months old - I've never seen so many smiles in one session! You can see why I loved working with them again - Get your dose of happiness here below :)

Ashley & Fabricio tie the knot!

This was such a delightful wedding. Everyone was so relaxed and so genuinely happy especially Ashley our beautiful Aussie bride and her very handsome Brazilian groom Fabricio. Perfect conditions by the water in Sydney added to the magic of their day, a tiny snippet of which is below.. :)

Maddi & Alex Tie The Knot!

I have shot at some stand out weddings recently.. Great locations, relaxed & happy couples, fun bridal parties, friendly guests, decent weather etc.. but Madeleine and Alex's nuptials at Jasper's at Berry  (#jaspersberryweddings) stood out even further still. Set in one of the most stunning locations in NSW, it was a perfect warm autumn day that seemed to have perfect golden light wherever we turned. Throw in a beautiful English bride with a handsome Welsh groom, a room full of excitable Brits (plus just two Aussies!) and you get one hell of a party! Please see previous blog post for proof :) It's a long one this one as I couldn't narrow my favourites down any further - just love, happiness, beautiful people and so much  hilarity wherever you looked. Enjoy!

Why you need a photographer at your party!

In all the weddings I've done I think this was single handedly the funniest speech I've heard/seen/photographed. And there have been some really funny speeches over the years! I had to remind myself, in between wiping tears of laughter away, that I was working and to try to stay focussed. I don't think I've seen a room of so many humans doubled over, crying, heads thrown back and laughing-til-no-noise-comes-out like this before.. I thought I'd share a few here to show that having a photographer stay to cover your speeches/party not only records the memory but illustrates how awesome your party is :) Wish I had audio to go with it! More from Mad & Alex's wedding coming soon, as it was equally beautiful as it was entertaining..

Ben, Tully & Emma

This was the most delightful shoot. Loved every minute. We had the most perfect summer evening, a beautiful park to ourselves and lots of lovely golden light (all a big bonus given we had rescheduled due to rubbish weather a few times...). Throw in the nicest of families with GREAT kids who are not only gorgeous but so, so, so photogenic, have to say I was sad when it was over!  This was a very belated birthday present for Mum Charmaine, hope you like it! Some highlights below :) 

Eliza & Brad Are Married!

Eliza and Brad go way back, a good dozen years I believe. Just last Christmas - yes only a matter of weeks ago really - Brad produced a big sparkly diamond and proposed. They were getting married at last and it was going to happen in six WEEKS time!!! I was so fortunate to be part of the day - not only because they are a particularly gorgeous couple but because Eliza is both my friend and one of the sweetest brides I've had the pleasure of hanging out with. An inner city lunch wedding with a celebration that lasted well into the night.. Some of my highlights are below :)

Meeting Ollie

I had such a great day last Friday. Mum Claire (gorgeous clients from the very early days) had contacted me a while back to say baby #3 was on the way and did I think I might be able to shoot the occasion of him meeting his big sisters instead of a 'traditional' newborn shoot. Just twenty minutes of raw photography, no posing, no direction just true candids as this very special meeting took place. Of course I loved the sound of this and lucky for me, the timing of Oliver Thomas' arrival was perfect and I was able to be there in the hospital room to capture it. His older sisters were smitten, his parents thrilled, besotted and relieved - it was the most special shoot to be part of and one I'll always remember. (As a result I'm adding 'Meeting Baby' sessions to the list, would love to do this every week!) Welcome Beautiful Ollie.


I recently met the lovely Saskia and Mike at the end of a super hot day in Sydney. The sweltering, almost-summer sun gave us plenty of golden light and then the change hit just in time for a few windswept pics just as things started to feel a little editorial (Saskia totally pulled off the hat!)Their beloved pup Coco also joined us for some family pics... Some of my favs are below. Enjoy!

Saskia & Alex

Got another good one to share today!  Alex (the Aussie groom) and Saskia (our gorgeous German bride) were getting married at the beach on a beautiful Spring day. Together, they have lived in at least six countries over the last nine years but had decided Manly was the spot to make it all official - so thankfully Sydney put on a show for all their international guests, none of whom had been here before. The sky was blue, the sun shone and the breeze was gentle - perfect wedding weather !  A delightful post-ceremony stroll along The Bower lead the party to The Dojo for more celebrations which involved lots of German beers and  (very funny) international speeches. Was a perfect celebration :) Some pics to tell their very happy story are below.. 


Janaya and Tim

Janaya and Tim are a gorgeous couple, salt of the earth, happy, in love and so excited about celebrating it! Their dream day was to be beach-side - with photos by the beach, followed by a big party in the local surf club. Spring in Sydney you'd guess they'd have a good chance of lovely weather to go with it but alas, alak we had rain, winds, stormy dark clouds, below-average temps and not a patch of blue sky to be seen. But it didn't matter one bit - along with their friends and family we had a room full of warmth and a happy glow all round. These two were delightful to work with and it was so lovely to tell their story. - a snippet from their gallery is below..


It's so nice to blog a baby again. Lots of beautiful brides and sleepy newborns have had been up in lights but it's been a while since I've showed off a bonny baby. Today it's Ned's turn. HIs parents received a voucher from lovely colleagues when Ned was born so they came along for a shoot to mark his first birthday. It was fast but fun, and I think we got some supercute pics together! Some of my favourites are below..