Christmas Photography 101!

Christmas Photography 101!

This post is really about you capturing some Christmas snaps for your own record. Happy, candid, lifestyle photos with a few details too so you can remember this year from the last, and the next!

The world seems awash with fairy lights in December so they are a must to photograph! Rest your camera/phone on something sturdy, get close enough so the fairy light glow can be captured and slowly depress your shutter to avoid camera shake. Better still, get yourself a tripod. Shoot fairy lights from afar and up close for a really cute sparkly Christmas touch. Definitely turn down your main ceiling lights and capture your tree once all the presents are under it, right before you crawl into bed on Christmas Eve. Take an up-close photo of the food left out for Santa, and any of the cute notes the kids have left for him. Shoot their stockings (but maybe don’t get the sack of coal if there is one in your house 😝)!

Once the Big Day has arrived, I grab just a few of the kids with their pjs on and Xmas bed hair as they tear through all the wrapping paper and race around with their gifts, tends not to be so much racing around with coal take note). Wrap your little ones in tinsel or get them crawling through the wrapping paper! I might take one or two on my phone of Christmas breakfast with most photography saved until all guests have gathered, kids have some food in their tummies, bubbles are poured and general cheer is in the air. General rules apply – all grandpas and newborns must wear Santa hats, take your photos earlier rather than later when Xmas fatigue/mayhem has kicked in, make it fast and fun and then the camera is put away to savour the special day!! It’s most definitely not about ‘picture perfect’ at this time of year but instead it’s about telling the Christmas story of your family, having fun and remembering how lucky we are.

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