Happy 10th Birthday Little Love Photography!

Happy 10th Birthday Little Love Photography!

June 20, 2019

Ten years ago, on the 20th June 2009 – a VERY cold and rainy winter’s morning – I took a big step out of my comfort zone and did a photo shoot with a family of five that I didn’t know – clients you would call them, my very first ones! I remember the excitement and terror of the experience, I shot like a crazed bandit on my open back deck as the torrential rain bucketed down (!!!) but somehow managed to produce some pretty cute and happy family memories. It’s been an incredible ride since then! A massive labour of love with many highs and, of course, the odd low in there too – wouldn’t be real life otherwise would it? I’ve loved how it has evolved over the years where no two days are the same, where we have fun capturing great memories in beautiful locations, chasing the light and the shot but always loaded with fun. Overall, It’s been a huge privilege and I still get a buzz when people commission me for work. When I think of the next ten years for little love, I do see changes coming but hopefully with equally as many beautiful humans moments.. Stay tuned for more!!

To all my lovely clients for my first decade in business, THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough – hopefully I will see your smiling faces again over the next ten years to come, regardless, I am so very grateful.

Happy Birthday Little Love❤️

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