Schools are the most special of institutions. Each is a building full of characters, stories, achievements and values. School marketing photography is about taking the time to find out what is unique about each school and creating a visual story around those ideas which can then be shared with the world!

Ultimately, a school is a business so having an online presence with great images is imperative. A fresh, engaging website with bright, captivating photos/video showing your happy learners and your nurturing staff will not only communicate your school’s story to your local community but will set your school apart from the rest. To be active on social media and to share your qualities with the next generation of families looking to enrol is now essential.  Check out our school marketing gallery for more ideas.

Parents want to see updated images of happy, inclusive children with engaged and nurturing teachers. They are looking to see creative learning and innovative, colourful classrooms where they can imagine their children thriving and looking forward to school each day. Whether it is in the playground, the classroom, digging in the veggie patch or getting messy in the art room, there is always a bright and happy story to tell. It’s a fun shoot and will ultimately leave you with a large gallery of images to use across all your digital platforms. 

In recent years, Little Love Photography has told the bespoke photographic story of over 60 schools across NSW and Victoria and is considered an industry leader in this field. Touch base now to see how we can help your school look great! 

Please enquire for pricing and details.

Some of our favourites…

  • So grateful Cris. I love them. Smiled all the way through. You help to make us look great and capture the spirit of our beautiful community. Very proud principal here.

    Richard, Our Lady of Assumption
  • Richard, Our Lady of Assumption

    Cris, The photos are AMAZING! Mark and I just went through them and we are so happy. Three quarters of the way through, Principal Mark said "I haven’t seen one I don’t like yet!"!! 😊 And also that you have really captured a beautiful happy aspect of the school. Thank you so much. We are so happy.

    Joanna (Marketing), St John The Apostle

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